Guest Post Competition

Hiya guys, and merry Christmas!!

So I was thinking about my last post, and about how it's quite hard to get a free guest post on another blog. I want to help you guys out, so I'm going to hold a competition for 3 lucky winners to get a guest post on my blog! Now I realise that my viewers aren't very active, so I'm going to give you one year to enter, and I will keep posting reminders throughout the year.

To enter, all you need to to is comment on any of my posts, share my blog on some form of social media, comment your blog name, what your post would be about and why you should win.

The competition closes on the 25th December 2017. The winners will be announced hopefully the same day.

Good luck!

Question of the day: what are you most looking forward to getting for Christmas? Answer in the comments below!

Lots of love,
Young and Enquiring x


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