Becoming A Successful Blogger: How To

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So I know how hard it is to write a blog that people will enjoy and follow, and if you are new to blogging it can be really difficult to find viewers. Obviously I don't have very many followers yet but I have some knowledge which can help anyone looking for advice. I have been blogging for just under two years now and I have become more confident and comfortable in it and myself as time has gone on. So here are some tips on how to become more confident and better at blogging.

1. Be chatty
People like a friendly person who makes them feel at ease and happy. Use language you would use normally, use it to impress your readers not your english teacher! It might help to pretend that you're talking to your friend, so that you feel more relaxed and more cheerful.

2. Post what your viewers want to see
Your viewers are only going to read your blog if the content interests them. Mine is a lifestyle blog so I post a bit of everything, with a few areas that I know more about. Choose some topics that you are confident in and know lots about so you can give advice to other people who want to learn.

3. Speak from experience
Use your own personal experiences to give advice. Put some of you into your posts! People want to know things from the point of view of an equal, not a marketer who will obviously be biased. If you can make it personal then your viewers can understand you more easily and you can mix up your content a bit.

4. Learn about SEO
SEO is Search Engine Optimization. This is how easy it is to find your page on the web. If you tag key words in the posts then it will be easier to find. Also use social media to your advantage. Make it easy for people to share. Make titles short and snappy so that they're easy to hashtag and trend on twitter. Put key words at the front of the title, eg 'Becoming a successful blogger: How to' instead of 'How to become a successful blogger'.

5. Read other people's blogs
By reading more popular blogs you can see how to make yours better and what topics are trending. Find inspiration and ideas of how to improve yours and maybe offer to do a guest post on it (read below)

6. Offer guest posts
Guest posts are where someone posts their own content on someone else's blog to bring publicity to them both. This can be really useful to bring you more followers and also get you good connections in the blogging world. I suggest registering your blog on because it will help promote you and is quite well known.

7. Have a good layout
Make it easy for viewers to find your posts. Have a search bar accessible and have a clear layout so that anyone can find the post that they want. Also make it simple for them to find the follow and share buttons, optimizing your chances. If they can't find the subscribe button, they can't subscribe!

I hope that has been useful, and please let me know how you get on, and send me the links to your blogs so I can see!

Question of the Day: What is your blog called? Answer in the comments below!

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