I'm Now Loving - Front Tie Tees

Hiya again x

At the moment I am so obsessed with Front Tie T-shirts, I think they are so cool and stylish, and feel amazing. I have two (neither of which can I find a picture of 😢). One is from Zara, it is green at the top going down ombre to red with teardrop shapes on like a watermelon 🍉. The other is grey and says 99% unicorn 🐎✨. They are amazing, I absolutely LIVE in them like all the time and they suit my style so much. Also while I am doing a fashion blog I need to just point out something else I live in - my burgundy Jack Wills hoodie - expensive but AMAZING!!! I actually cannot remember a non-school day which I have not worn this hoodie it is so warm and comfy and relaxing and soft... Could not NOT point that out😆

So that is the end of todays blog, see you soon and have a great half term may I just point out😆😆😆😆😁😁😊😊😃😃😊 😊 😊 😊



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