Book review: Girl Online and Girl Online:On Tour

Hiya guys

In my last post (that I actually posted like 10 minutes ago) I said I would do a book review on both of Zoella's books. They are both really inspiring to me, as a blogger, photographer and secondary school student, as Penny (the main character) is too.

Girl Online is about a girl called Penny who has an anonymous blog which she posts on weekly. She has suffered from panic attacks since she was in a car crash as a young child, which seem to get worse as she publicly humiliates herself in front of boys and massive audiences. Penny is struggling to get back into her normal life again, until her parents announce a surprise trip to New York to organise a wedding! Her best friend Elliot helps her get through everything and anything, until she meets mystery rock-God prince Noah. Will he be the answer to her dreams, or will it all come crashing down in front of her feet?

In the next book, Penny is offered the chance of a lifetime- accompanying her popstar boyfriend an tour around Europe! But promises will be broken, relationships lost, and who knows what else? Read on in Girl Online:On Tour...

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