The Naughty Spoon Stealer

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Today I'm gonna show you a story I wrote when I was younger.Its short but cute, but when I'm older I want to be an author in my spare time so It'll be nice to see what you think!

The Naughty Spoon Stealer
The sun shone down on Summer Valley like a glittering diamond in the sky. It was a beautiful day, there was no sign of rain, or hail, or snow. As she woke up, 10-year-old Lulu Blaze was wondering just how long this wonderful weather would last, before it started pelting with rain again.
“I wish this would last forever,” she sighed, pulling back the curtains. Just then her lazy, 8 year old sister Lily, groaned and slowly sat up. “Is it time for breakfast yet?” she asked greedily. As an answer to her question, a voice sounded from below; “Come down for breakfast, girls!” Mrs. Blaze called. The two sisters sprinted down the stairs as fast as lightning to the kitchen. Leaving Lulu to do all of the work, Lily panted over to the table. At that moment, a squeal came from behind her; “Lily! Mum! Come and look at this!” Her horrified sister was pointing at the cutlery drawer. “Look!”
The spoon section was completely empty! “Why would anyone want to steal our spoons?”
“Maybe it’s not only our spoons?” suggested Mrs. Blaze. “Why don’t you ask the neighbors if theirs have been stolen too?”
The two sisters hurried around the village asking people if the same thing had happened. As it turned out, everyone had the same problem!
“I wonder if anyone saw the thief,” considered Lily at the sixteenth house. So, at the home of the seventeenth family, Lola asked Mrs. Dale if she knew anything about the robbery. “Sorry, girls, I don’t!” she replied. “But I know it happened very late at night, because I didn’t go to bed until half past 11!”
Reluctantly, Lulu headed off, but Lily didn’t follow. “Hurry up!”  called Lulu, annoyed. Lily didn’t come. “What do you think your do-” she broke off. Her sister was pointing at a glistening, shining object. She had found a spoon.
“Great, Lily!” exclaimed Lulu, squealing with excitement.
“I thought I saw another one over there,” Lily grinned, pointing towards some woods nearby. The two of them hurried towards it. As she had said, there was another spoon lying on the ground, just outside of the border of the woods. Following the on-going trail of spoons, the girls rushed into the woods. “Erm, Lulu, where do you think this is going to?” whispered Lily, biting her lip. Lulu wasn’t sure.
20 minutes later, they found themselves in a small clearing. As it was now early afternoon, and the girls had not yet had breakfast, they were starving!!! “When are we going to have breakfast?” grumbled Lily unsurprisingly. Lulu shushed her, as she thought she heard something. They listened. Tiptoeing quietly, they investigated around the clearing. Again, Lily gasped. “Shhh!” Lulu bossed softly. “Oh!” Her intelligent sister had made another discovery – a hidden cave! They wondered if it would be dangerous. Finally, they decided they’d check it out. Nervously, they approached the cave. “Hello?” asked Lily apprehensively. “Anyone here?” In answer, a tinkling sound came from ahead. They darted to it, but couldn’t see anything. Lily glanced at her older sister, waiting to see her reaction. Lulu turned to go, but another clatter from overhead proved her wrong. Grabbing Lily, she sprinted towards where the sound had come from, forgetting to be quiet. As soon as the girls reached the spot where the noise had come from, Lily found herself pulled into the shadows of the eerie cave. Putting her finger to her lips, Lulu listened out for any sign of movement. Suddenly, Lily gasped for a third time. Looking at her furiously, Lulu yanked her sister back even further into the darkness, while Lily urgently pointed out into the cave. This time, it was Lulu who gasped. A young boy, dressed from head to toe in black, was creeping further into the cave, clutching a sack that was full to the brim with shiny, silver objects. Lulu gave her younger sister a look of triumph, meaning, ‘Looks like we’ve caught the spoon stealer, then!’ Nodding, Lily darted forwards to confront the thief as Lulu tried in vain to restrain her, but it was too late. The boy had seen her.

Agonized, the boy spun round to see who was there as a patter of footsteps reached him. “I - what - who are you?” he spluttered. Quite easily, Lily answered:
“Lily Blaze, and this is my sister Lulu,” she told the petrified boy, pulling Lulu out from the shadows. “who are you?”“I’m Ed. Why are you here?”replied Ed, who was still quite startled. Lulu gave her sister a sideways look. It was Lily who was good at this sort of thing, not her. “We’re looking for the criminal who stole the town’s spoons!” answered Lily.“What about you?” Ed shuffled uncomfortably where he was.“Well, erm, you see…”He would not finish his sentence, so Lulu finished it for him.
“You stole the spoons?”
Ed nodded.
He shrugged.
“Come on, we won’t tell you off!”
He shook his head.

He took a deep breath. “I was jealous.”Ed explained. “All the other boys in my class had mates, but I was always left out. I thought that if I stole the spoons without anyone knowing, and I gave them back, everyone would make friends with me, and I wouldn’t get left out!” He started to cry. Lily put her arm around him, and said,

“We’ll be your friends! I don’t care, you’ve done something wrong, and had the strength to admit it!” Ed stopped crying, and lifted his head.
“You mean it? You’ll be my friends?”he asked, blowing his nose. The sisters nodded. For the first time, he grinned.
“But,” Lulu said sharply out of the falling darkness, as they had started heading deeper into the cave, “First, you have to return all of the spoons to their owners, with your apologies, and we will go with you.” Ed’s face fell slightly. Then he grinned again. “OK,OK, I’ll do anything to have friends!” They turned around a corner, and Lily let out a gasp. In front of them was a mammoth pile of glittering, shining, jewel-like spoons! Grabbing a couple of sacks each, the three friends rushed forwards and started to load the spoons into the bags. This was no easy task, as the only light available was the reflection of the spoons, which wasn’t much, as there wasn’t really anything for them to reflect off! However, Ed seemed to have noticed this problem, because he was now rummaging through his pockets, sighing and muttering to himself. Eventually, though, he seemed to have found something. “Gotcha!” he murmured, and whipped a small, blue torch out of one of his many-pocketed coat. Speedily, he flicked it on, pointed it at the centre of the ceiling, and flung a bit of attached string around a nail screwed in there. Finally, and after about half an hour, all of the spoons were inside a sack. Chattering gleefully, Ed, Lulu and Lily made their way out of the cave and out into fresh air. First, they went to Mrs Blanks’ house. Mrs Blanks wasn’t there, so the door was opened by her daughter, Lulu’s best friend, Ava. “Hi Lulu!” she cried cheerfully. “Hi Lily! Who’s this?” she added curiously, looking at Ed.

“Hello Ava, this is Ed, and he’s got something for you!” Lulu replied, grinning. Ed held out a sack, smiling shyly at Ava, who took the bag, a puzzled look on her face. Opening the bag and peering inside, the look on her face changed immediately into a look of delight. “Oh, thank you, thank you! We were wondering where they’d gone! Bye!” And they trooped off to the next house. Thirty-six times this happened, and at the last house, their own, Lulu stopped outside the gate, but did not push it open. “Well, I guess that we’ll have to say goodbye now then,” she said, turning around to face Ed and Lily. They did their round of goodbyes, and Ed moved away, with a content feeling in his heart. He had friends at last!
The end.

I hope you don't mind me posting this, just thought it might be cool and a bit different x
Byeee x
Ps I was 7 when I wrote this XD


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