Book Review - Girl Online

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Girl Online by Zoe Sugg (more commonly known as Zoella) is a brilliant book for teenagers , about a girl called Penny Porter, who is easily embarrassed by practically anything. She writes a blog, under the name Girl Online, that's just about the only place she feels herself.

Given a one in a lifetime opportunity of a 2-week holiday to New York, Penny is delighted, but also apprehensive. Once, when she was littler, she was travelling in her car, when it suddenly flipped over! Everyone inside the car was OK, but the incident caused Penny to have sort of panic attacks whenever she felt like she did in the car that day. She was nervous - what if she had an attack on the plane? - but she went and was fine. In fact, she was more than fine, as she meets the most gorgeous boy ever, in the area she's staying in! But will the friendship last, or could something go horribly wrong?

Now her new book, Girl Online: On Tour is out and is amazing!

Rating: 5/5 stars

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