Book Review - Clarice Bean 'Don't Look Now'

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Clarice Bean is another Lauren Child fave at the top of my collection - alongside the other two in the series, spells trouble and utterly me. These books are about a young girl named Clarice Bean, who, like her BFF Betty Moody is obsessed with Ruby Redfort (as mentioned in another review) a schoolgirl detective. Throughout the books, Clarice has many adventures, including school plays, moving house, new teachers, and even starring in a new RR TV show! Cool, huh? Most of the time she's a normal girl, although a bit snappy with her brothers and sisters. But you would, wouldn't you, if you were the third oldest of four, with a brother who only talks to his many girlfriends, a sister who is fashion crazy, and a nitwit of another brother? I know I would!

Rating: 4/5 stars 

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